Course Nominated person in control of the installation and work – IVWV NEN 3140 English Online

Are you looking for an online training Installation / Work Manager NEN 3140 (IV / WV NEN 3140)? The E-learning IV / WV NEN 3140 course from Ingenium the trainer is exactly what you are looking for! Employees trained by us have a practical attitude.

The IV / WV NEN 3140 course is followed by, among others, managerial technical service employees, managerial employees of construction companies, the head of the technical service of housing associations, installation companies, etc. In short: the course IV / WV NEN 3140 is suitable for those who to work safely electrically or to manage the electrical installations and electrical work equipment. Register now for the training nominated person in control of the installation and the work NEN 3140 of Ingenium the trainer!

After completing the IV / WV NEN 3140 training, you will be aware of all the risks of working on and in the vicinity of electrical installations. You can also take the necessary measures to be able to carry out the work safely. You can also be designated by your employer as nominated person in control of the work and/or the installation within the framework of NEN 3140.

An (electro)technical previous education at MBO/HBO level or comparable experience is necessary.

8 – 10 hours

By following the IW / WV NEN 3140 course, both the employer and the employee meet the requirements set in the Working Conditions Act of sufficient instruction and demonstrable expertise.

The following topics are covered:

  • Electrical Hazards and Accidents
  • Electrical Hazards: Electrocution, Short Circuit
  • Electrical engineering management and legislation
  • Legislation and history, working conditions legislation, NEN 3140
  • Safe working by expert personnel, procedures and PPE
  • Introduction
  • Staff
  • Periodic Instruction
  • Work and Maintenance Procedures
  • Implementing NEN 3140 in the organization
  • Leading safe working practices
  • Outsourcing of work
  • Inspection of electrical installations
  • Inspection of work equipment
  • Drafting, executing and managing inspection plans
  • Dead working (voltage-free working)
  • Permission to start work
  • Working near active parts

€ 395,- Prices quoted are per candidate, excluding VAT, including digital certificate.

It is an e-learning course. It is of course possible to organize a course in English at your location. Contact us about the possibilities.

Under specific circumstances, this course may be covered by an OOM, UWV-, STAP-, ESF- or OTIB grant. The UNETO-VNI training fund, Wij-Techniek (formerly: OTIB), has opened up the training offer. An installation company is no longer bound by the training courses in the guides.

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8 – 10 hours

Investering van de training: € 395,-


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